Sponsor Parcivallers for their effort during the Spier-Run: https://www.spieractie.nl/teams/tsav-parcival .

On the 20th of April, members of Parcival will be running to raise money for the Spierfonds!
Our weekly runs are a privilege not everyone can enjoy due to muscular diseases. Join us, turning each step into support for those facing these challenges. Muscular diseases can result in many challenges, affecting mobility, strength, and overall well-being. While we enjoy our runs, it’s important to realise the privilege of physical activity, a freedom those battling muscular diseases often don’t have. The Spierfonds funds, guides, and encourages scientific research on muscular diseases, recognizing it as the key to treat all these conditions in the future. Therefore, we hope you join us in running to raise money for the Spierfonds.

How does the charity run work?
Parcival will participate in the Spier-Run; a national run that everyone can join from their own locations. Join us on April 20th for a run in Warandebos, or run remotely from your location! We’ll cover 5k laps, challenging you to raise donations by pushing your limits. Set a goal time or distance and ask sponsors to support the Spierfonds. Every step, wherever you are, makes a difference.

People can sponsor individual runners in different ways:
They can sponsor runners per lap (one lap will be 5K). Example: they like to sponsor you €5 per lap, you run 2 laps, so you earn €10. Or they can sponsor a goal time. Example: your goal is to run the 5K below 25 minutes, every 10 seconds you run it faster they donate €1. You finish in 23 minutes and 30 seconds, so they pay (9x€1=) €9 . Maybe you and your sponsor even find another option for the donation agreement (perhaps a combination of the two above?). Of course, you can also make a donation that is not based on the amount of laps or speed.

All participants will receive a medal after the event. If you raise at least €100, you will receive a Spierfonds running shirt (but any amount counts).

To participate, we ask that you create a personal page in our team page on the website of the Spierfonds: https://www.spieractie.nl/teams/tsav-parcival .
It is very self-explanatory, but if you have issues with it or a question, we have created a roadmap and explanatory video. You can find the roadmap in the appendix of this email. If you’d like the step-by-step video, text Emma and she will send it to you. You may always ask Emma, Maartje or Leon for help if you struggle with creating a personal page.

We hope that you join us (in person or remote) on the 20th of April. Let’s raise a nice amount for the Spierfonds together!