Since the trainings and social activities are cancelled for the time being, we have come up with an activity that can be done individually at home: PARCIVAL NOVEMBER CHALLENGE!

You can join this competition and earn points with every activity that you complete. Have fun fun!

Buy a Parcival hoodie 7 points
Send a postcard to a member 2 points
Participate in the online monthly drinks [once] 3 points
Participate in an online activity 3 points
Run with a Parcival member 1 point
Send a picture of your own training 1 point
Run an endurance run (10k) 1 point
Upload a fun running video of you 3 points
Correctly answer the weekly riddle on Instagram 1 point per question
Have dinner with a Parcival member [once] 2 points
Share your favorite pre-race breakfast with us [once] 2 points
Express your love for Parcival in a picture and share that with us [once] 3 points
Host a virtual coffee break 1 point

Click here to find the current score in the competition!