Activities 2021-2022

During the year T.S.A.V. Parcival organizes fun activities and monthly drinks for the members. Next to that we choose several running competitions to go to together. We hope to see you soon at our activities!
Below you can find the activity yearcalendar of Parcival.

Year calendar 2021-2022

September 7Monthly Drink
September 25Wandelbos Trial Run
October 2Clubday
October 5Monthly Drink
October 6General Members Meeting / New Board Drink
October 26Parcival PubQuiz
October 30Snertcross 2021
November 9Monthly Drink
November 12The Parcival & Co Cantus
November 28Warande Business run
December 8Sinterklaas Party
December 3rdMonthly Drink
December 15Deadline Holiday Card Challenge
January 8Orienteering Event
January 11Sylvester Drink
February 5Parcival Beer-Run-Beer
February 22Monthly Drink
February 232nd General Members Meeting
CanceledCarnaval Volleybal Tournament
February 26Kruikenloop Tilburg
March 8Monthly Drink
March 12Cocktail Party
March 272nd Clubday
March 31Dommelloop Eindhoven
April 12Monthly Drink
April 22Spring Dinner
April 29-30Batavierenrace
May 6The Parcival Cantus
May 10Monthly Drink
May 18 - June 15TSZV Tournament
May 19Board Game Evening
May 22The Vestingloop Den Bosch
May 23 - July 15The Holy Grail Cup Challenge
May 29The Beermile
June 8Badminton Tournament (TSBV Sauron)
June 11After Training Picnic
June 12Maastrichts Mooiste
June 14Monthly Drink
June 16Board Year with Parcival Information Drink
June 19The Besterd Mile
June 20Orienteering Clinic
July 2The Chaamloop
July 3Beach Open '22 (TSVV Gepidae)
July 12Monthly Drink
July 15-17Clubweekend
September 13Monthly Drink
September 25Tilburg Ten Miles
October 8Clubday
October 9Marathon Eindhoven
October 11Monthly Drink
October 12General Members Meeting
October 29Snertcross 2022
November 4Exchange Training With Fortis
November 19Zevenheuvelennacht
November 24-27Warandeloop