NSK Weg 2018 – Leiden

Parcival on tour: Joined NSK Weg 2018 in Leiden
Written by Natanop Ham Pimonsathian

Today (11 Nov 2018), our Parcival members: Benoît, Michèlle, Martijn, and Natanop joined 10k race in the NSK Weg 2018 (Dutch Students Championship) in Leiden. All student runners from every part of the Netherlands have to run through various track types ranged from a proper athlete track to a cozy forest environment. Not only with a nice track, but also with a good weather condition (12 Celsius), our Parcival crews were running with full enjoyment and performed very well. The statistics are Martijn (40 min), Benoît (46 min), Natanop (49 min), and Michèlle (56 min).

The race in Leiden today is a part of the Dutch Students Championship series. By the name of the tournament, student running associations can participate in several events throughout the entire Netherlands to collect the scores and win the price at the end of the series. So, please stay tuned and guess what will be the next Parcival’s destination.