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Tilburg Triple

Snertcross is part of Tilburg Triple! Register for three or more walking and running events in 2024[…]

Training Schedule Beginners

Starting with a basic running routine familiarizes you with running mechanics, including pacing, breathing techniques, and proper[…]

Thank you Albert Heijn Westermarkt

Alberth Heijn Westermarkt sponsored the water bottles we got to give to our participants during Snertcross. Thank[…]

Snertcross Pictures 2023

During the Snertcross, our photographer Bunga Noz made beautiful pictures. You can find them all when you[…]

Results Snertcross

You can find the results of the Snertcross 2023 here:

Snertcross winners to be rewarded with fantastic prizes from Comfort Producten!

Our sponsor Comfort Producten provides excellent prizes for Snertcross winners! The second and third place winners will[…]

Exciting News: Every Snertcross participant to Receive a gift from Runshop Greg van Hest!

We are happy to let you know that all Snertcross 2023 runners will be rewarded with a 15[…]

This is Parcival!

Check out our latest photo’s from events here: Shortcode 

Maximize Your Running Skills: Parcival Presents a Thrilling Challenge!

Since the challenge organized by the last board was such a hit, we decided to organize a[…]


  Deze zaterdag is het zover. Denk er aan dat u zich online kan inschrijven tot vrijdag[…]

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