Parcival Club Weekend 2022

From now on you can register for the Parcival Club Weekend 2022!

Dates: Friday July 15th (early evening) – Sunday July 17th (afternoon)
Location: Magdalenastraat 31, Heikant.
Price-indication: €30
Registration deadline: 10th of July
The price is a maximum. Any money that will not be spent will be sent back to you. Included in the price will be the food, drinks and any activities we will do.
How do I get there?
Everyone will be responsible for getting there themselves, however we will try to pick people up from the local train/bus stop. We will communicate more info about this later on, for now you can fill in the form. We advise you to ask around with other members who are coming so you can travel together by car. If you can take people with you this is also possible to add on the registration form.
What do you need to bring?
The location has an outdoor spot where we can set up tents, so make sure to bring one or get someone to share one with you. Alternatively there are sleeping arrangements inside the house. If you want to make use of this we ask you to contact one of us. Besides a mattress and sleeping bag we also ask you to bring running clothes (duh..), games (both card games, board games, drinking games and outdoor games are welcome), and if you desire to drink anything else than beer, wine or soda you can bring it too.
The Parcival Talent Show!
On Saturday night we will hold the Parcival talent show. If you want to participate with a small performance make sure to let us know in the form, and bring the necessary props / equipment.
We are very much looking forward to the weekend. If you have any questions regarding the event, the form or anything else do not hesitate to ask us. Preferably  you contact the Club Weekend Committee but you can also send an email to
With kind regards,
The Club Weekend Committee
Wietse, Jakob, Micha, Julian, Katja, Leon