Sinterklaas 2022!

Sinterklaas (english: Saint Nicolas) has arrived, and – as it is a traditional Dutch holiday – we will also celebrate Sinterklaas with Parcival.

The Sinterklaas activity will take place on Wednesday 7 December in the evening. It will include Dutch Sinterklaas traditions like ‘pepernoten’, ‘bisschopswijn’ and ‘schoentje zetten’, and of course – as we are a running association – some running!

The activity will start at 19:00, at the Heuvel square in the City Center (in front of the main church).

Make sure to wear your running shoes, and by preference also your running outfit, including a reflective jacket or brightly colored (white/neon) shirt.

In order to participate, you will also have to bring a gift & a poem for a specific person.

A week in advance, we will let you know the name of this person + details about his/her hobbies, which might inspire you in your search for a nice gift!

Rules for the gift:

– You are allowed to spent a maximum of € 6,00 on your gift

– The gift should be wrapped, with the name of the person you’re giving it to clearly written on it

– The gift should be the size of a ‘schoencadeautje’, which means, it should fit in, or on top of a shoe. Of course, this is very arbitrary, but as a guideline, don’t choose a gift larger in size than a bottle of beer, a can of soup or a box of chocolates.

About the running part:
We will not tell you too much about it yet, but expect to run 5 to 7 kilometres.

Official part of activity will end around 22:30, after which we will go to the city center for some additional partying.


We can already tell you we are very excited about this activity. Are you as well? Don’t hesitate to register as soon as possible! The registration closes the 30th of November. Register via this link:

Questions about the activity? Ask Benoît!

Kind regards,

Sinterklaas & Parcival