NSK Cross – Eindhoven

Parcival on tour: Joined NSK Cross in Eindhoven

February 15 Parcival was present at the Dutch Student Championship Cross in Eindhoven! It was a very nice cross in the forest of the Stratumse Heide, the sun was shining and we all enjoyed the parcours.

Short cross (2.7k)
Nick Weerts – 00:10:41
Johannes Kilzer – 00:11:39
Anouk van Leersum – 00:13:20

Long cross ladies (6.2k)
Michelle Sulter – 00:34:01
Frauke Gobel – 00:34:40
Caroline Haselhorst – 00:36:47

Long cross men (8.9k)
Martijn (Somchai) Bloemberg – 00:38:01
Benoit Hendriks – 00:43:10
Natanop Pimonsathian – 00:45:36




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