Blauwe Meer Cross

What else to do on a grey Sunday than run a cross? The same thought, 7+1 Parcivallers joined the Blauwe Meer Cross last Sunday (20th October 2019). The race took place at the Experience Island, which is located 7km north of Tilburg.

At 11h30, the seven challengers and the only great supporter “Annika” enthusiastically departed from Tilburg. After a 30-minute bicycle trip, our team arrived at Loon op Zand and got ready with a warm-up. At this point, we already knew that the race would be though since the running course was hilly and seemed muddy due to the rain of the last days.

Of course, the contestants had to run around the lake throughout a series of small hills on the muddy slippery surface. However, this is better than staying at home and watching a sitcom (Natanop really likes The Office, but he agreed to participate). The first part of our group started at 13h00 with one round (2,9km) for Nick and two rounds (5,8km) for Elena, Michèlle, Benoît, and Natanop. They spent all of their power running throughout the challenging terrain.

At 14h00, the second group, Frauke, and Fenicia did the three rounds (8,7km). Due to the so-called Dutch moderate rain, the race condition slightly differed from the previous race group.

Everybody was really brave and performed very well – which was rewarded with 5 – FIVE medals for the Parcival runners.

1 round
Nick Weerts – 11:23m – 2nd Place

2 rounds

Elena Ecker – 23:52m – 1st Place

Benoît Hendriks – 24:39m – 3rd Place

Natanop Pimonsathian – 28:28m – 10th Place, but he is the best Thai runner in this race.

Michèlle Sülter – 29:36m – 4th Place, just 15 seconds later than the 3rd Place

3 rounds

Fenicia Aceto – 45:47m – 1st Place

Frauke Göbel- 46:30m – 3rd Place

Special thanks to Annika for her voluntary support on taking care of our valuable stuff and shooting photos to make a memorable glorious collection (Finally, Natanop doesn’t have to take pictures while racing :p). She also promised to run 2000m in the 38th Edition Snertcross.

Last but not least, don’t forget we will see each other next Saturday at the Snertcross. The weather is likely to be perfect for running in the Warandebos forest (near Tilburg University).

This report of the day was written by Natanop and Fenicia.


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