Besterd Mijl – Tilburg

Parcival in Tilburg: Joined Besterd Mile
Written by Fenicia Aceto

On a shiny Sunday morning (16. June) the Parcival running team participated at “De Besterd Mijl”. With 10 participants (Benoît, Michèlle, Anouk, Natanop, Menno, Ricardo, Evgenia, Rebecca, Rastislav, Fenicia), all dressed up with the new running shirt, the team looked really professional. Before the real race started we watched the kids and fathers run of 400m to cheer us up and were really proud of the little kids that already crossed the finish line. 

At 10.00am the race started also for us but we could choose between different categories: 1, 2, 3 or 5 Miles. The weather conditions were almost perfect – apart from the surprisingly hot sun that became a challenge after two miles.

Rebecca – 1 mile (7,50 minutes), Ricardo – 2 miles (13,50 minutes), Benoît – 3 miles (20,23 minutes), Michèlle – 3 miles (23,24 minutes), Menno – 3 miles (27,25 minutes), Rastislav – 3 miles (19,03 minutes). Natanop – 5 miles (39,40 minutes), Fenicia – 5 miles (41,35 minutes), Anouk – 5 miles (41,34 minutes) and last but not least our best Parcival-participant Evgenia – 5 miles in 36,58 minutes. She won the 2nd place and got a podium position.

After the mandatory group picture, we all celebrated with beer and ice cream.


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