NSK Ekiden – Eindhoven

Parcival on tour: Joined NSK Ekiden in Eindhoven
Written by Adrian Leon

On 19th April two Parcivallers squads left Tilburg towards Eindhoven with one main goal ‘not being the last one.’ Group 1 was comprised of Natanop, Benoît, Fenicia, Martijn, Franziska, and Anke. On the other hand, Group 2 consisted of Luc, Rastislav, Michèlle, Adrian, Nathalie, and Anouk.

To accomplish the mission, we counted with brand new equipment, Parcival’s T-shirts (15€). We started at Tilburg Station, where our train awaited us. After the fear of some members’ casualties, which did not happen to occur, Parcivallers headed to Eindhoven.

Once in Eindhoven, we went through an adventurous and perilous trip in search of the changing rooms and inscription’s stands. More obstacles were tackled here. Warm and wet weather as well as strict document’ officials, tried to impede our objective; however, we kept going non-stop.

With the preparations made so far, we looked forward to starting the race and check out how fructiferous our hard training and dedication could be.

During the competition both groups were almost equally matched: some rounds went to Group 1, and some others were won by Group 2. 5km, 7.2km and 10 km races had to be run.

Luc started together with Natanop. The former achieving an impressive 4th absolute position in this first 5km, the latter doing it under 25 minutes. The other 5km’s fights, Fenicia vs. Michèlle, and Franzisca vs. Nathalie finished with a time under 27 and 25 respectively. In the 10 km’s runners, Martijn and Rastislav nearly beat the 40 minutes barrier while Benoît and Adrian could make it under 47. Last but not least, 7.2 km’s runners Anke and Anouk run under the 37.

It took blood, sweat, and tears to finish this campaign to some new and old members. Nevertheless, in the end, all Parcivallers did an excellent job. This race sets marks to be overcome by next time. And more importantly!! None of the Groups had the pleasure to be last. Mission accomplished!


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