Running Dinner

Parcival Running Dinner
Written by Luc Borghans

It’s almost spring, which means that it was time for the Parcival Running Dinner! In past years Parcival always organized a Cycling Dinner, but this year it was decided to try a Running Dinner for the first time. Considering we are a running association, you wonder why nobody thought of that before.

We started the day in the city center where we met up and prepared to run about 2.5 kilometers to the first location: Martijn’s house. Everyone was feeling good and hungry, so we got there in no time. Once there we enjoyed some lovely mushroom ragout.

After the pre-course, some of our members started feeling their bellies a little bit, so we split up the group into a fast group and a slow group and everyone ran at their own pace to the next location: our new member Rastislav’s house! Here, Rastislav and Natanop prepared one of their Thai specialties with rice noodles and shrimp, called Pad Thai.

The main course was really good, but also quite a lot, so the pace towards our final location (Michelle’s house) was significantly reduced. When we got there a great surprise was waiting for us: Franziska had prepared a giant carrot cake for dessert! Getting to enjoy the wonderful cake as well as Michelle’s amazing disco toilet was a great way to end the dinner, but for most members the night was not over yet…

After the dinner was over many of our members decided to go to FOSST’s Lustum party in the Olympia Sports Bar. While we enjoyed our time there, the bar already closed like 30 minutes after we got there, so some of us decided to go to the city center or infiltrate into Avans’ Student Union party afterwards…

In short, turning the Cycling Dinner into a Running Dinner worked out great! We had a lot of fun this year and we’re looking forward to next year’s edition!





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