Last Saturday by our member Martijn

The Saturday morning started with bad news, Yvonne was sick and therefore couldn’t be there for the last training of the year. However this didn’t stop Anke, Bogdan and Martijn from going to the Oude Warande and run the notorious Snertcross route (without snert afterwards, unfortunately). After the last training of the year an idea was born. Bogdan and Martijn decided to see who would be down for a party to kick-off the holiday season. That’s a question you don’t have to ask twice in the Boemel 2.0 groupchat. Expect a nobel prize for Parcival soon because this was even deemed to be “the best plan ever”.

Soon enough Benoît, Michelle, Bogdan, Natanop, Martijn and Noah gathered to play various games. During stresspong/beerpong the laws of physics were casually defied, perudo proved that probability theory is useless, and coup revealed that nobody is to be trusted. In the Boekanier we were reunited with Anke again, and everybody proceeded to exhibit some serious dancing skills. The night ended with a lovely meal at McDonald’s, including but not limited to “holy chicken McNuggets”.

Finally, it was time to say our goodbyes to Bogdan since he is leaving Parcival and going home during the holidays. But before leaving, Bogdan pledged that 5 years from now, he will outrun us all in a race. For now our paths split, but who knows what the future will hold. To be continued…


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