Snertcross 2021

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What is the Snertcross

In 2021, the 39th Snertcross will take place on Oktober 30.
The Snertcross is a running race in the Warande forest in Tilburg, organised every year by T.S.A.V. Parcival. The Snertcross is part of the Regio 13 Crosscircuit (competition). Due to the Corona virus outbreak, additional safety measures will be taken during Snertcross 2021.

Corona measures:

  • No peas soup. To avoid crowds at the peas soup stand, we have decided not to hand out peas soup to the participants this year.

Programme 2021

12.00 uur   Junior cross A/B *                                  4000m
12.25 uur   Short cross                                              2000m
12.50 uur   Long cross women *                              6000m
13.40 uur   Long cross men 55+ *                           6000m
13.40 uur   Long cross men*                                    8000m
14:40 uur   Long cross men*                                    8000m (extra start) **
* counts for the Regio13 competition.
** depending on the amount of participants.

Entry fee 2021

Entry fee: € 6,00 Long Cross (€ 5,00 members of the Athletics Union)
Entry fee: € 6,00 Junior Cross (€ 5,00 members of the Athletics Union)
Entry fee: € 3,00 Short Cross (€ 2,00 members of the Athletics Union)
Due to Corona, it will only possible to register online in advance. No late subscriptions.


Junior Cross: Girls A, Girls B, Boys A, Boys B, Recreational
Short cross: Men, Men specials, Women, Women specials
Long cross women: Seniors, V35, V45, Recreantional
Long cross men 55+: M55, M65, Recreantional 55+
Long cross men: Seniors, M35, M45, Recreantional


Junior cross                    2 rounds
Korte cross                      1 round
Long cross women        3 rounds
Long cross men 55+     3 rounds
Long cross men             4 rounds

Location:    Warandebos
Adress:      Oude Warande 3, 5036 NE Tilburg

We advise participants to come with their own transport as much as possible (bicycle, car, on foot). Cars can be parked in the Tilburg University parking lot.
If you come by public transport, please adhere to the applicable corona measures (mouth mask required).
By train: get off at Tilburg University station.
By bus: From Tilburg Central Station line 4 to bus stop University or line 2 to bus stop Station University.

Dressing room
The start and finish of the Snertcross take place in the middle of the forest. There are no changing facilities here. Use can be made of the mobile toilets in one of the side aisles of the roundabout.

Own risk and responsibility
Participation in the Snertcross is at your own risk and responsibility. The organisation does not accept any liability towards the participants (injuries, loss of belongings, etc.) of any kind.

Medical supervision
First aid is available at the start and finish.

We would like to thank Runshop Greg van Hest for sponsoring the Snertcross!