Quarantine Competition

Since the trainings and social activities are cancelled for the time being, we have come up with an activity that can be done individually at home: QUARANTINE COMPETITION!

You can join this competition and earn points with every activity that you complete. Have fun fun!

Activity Points
Join Corona Drinks 2 points
Complete Martijn’s exercise video 3 points
Run in your Parcival shirt 2 points
Make your own workout video and share 3 points
Write a report about an experience you had with Parcival (+- 200 words) 5 points
Cook and share your culinary quarantine dish 2 points
Be the first one to arrive at the first ‘post-corona coffeebreak’ 5 points
Build a house of cards (min. 3 stories high) 1 point
Build a fort of toiletpaper rolls and post a picture of you in the fort 2 points
Send a postcard to a Parcival member (use the google form) 3 points
Go for a bikeride in your Parcival hoodie 2 points
Total 30 points

Click here to find the current score in the competition!