Besterd Mile – Tilburg

Parcival in Tilburg: Joined Besterd Mile
Written by Fenicia Aceto

On a shiny Sunday morning (16. June) the Parcival running team participated at “De Besterd Mijl”. With 10 participants (Benoît, Michèlle, Anouk, Natanop, Menno, Ricardo, Evgenia, Rebecca, Rastislav, Fenicia), all … Read more

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Application New Board 2019/2020

As of today the applications for Parcival board 2019/2020 have been opened! The board consists of a chairman, secretary and treasurer.

If you are interested to do a board year at our great association, please e-mail your CV and motivation … Read more

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NSK Ekiden – Eindhoven

Parcival on tour: Joined NSK Ekiden in Eindhoven
Written by Adrian Leon

On 19th April two Parcivallers squads left Tilburg towards Eindhoven with one main goal ‘not being the last one.’ Group 1 was comprised of Natanop, Benoît, Fenicia, Martijn, … Read more

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Zandvoort Circuit Run

Parcival on tour: Joined Zandvoort Circuit Run

Last Sunday March 31st three brave Parcivallers ran the Zandvoort Circuit Run! They travelled all the way to Zandvoort and Martijn and Natanop joined the 21,1k race, Benoît joined the 12k race. The … Read more

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Running Dinner

Parcival Running Dinner
Written by Luc Borghans

It’s almost spring, which means that it was time for the Parcival Running Dinner! In past years Parcival always organized a Cycling Dinner, but this year it was decided to try a Running … Read more

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Member of the Month

A new year asks for new traditions, so Parcival introduces the “member of the month” (at least for this January). This month it is none other than Maartijn Flowermountain. He runs unbelievably fast and I am sure he beats the … Read more

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