Training times

Starting from 9 March our training times will change. Trainings take place at the following times:

Monday 19:00 – 20:30
Tuesday 16:45 – 18:15
Thursday 19:00 – 20:30
Saturday 10:10 – 11:40

We hope to see you during (one of)

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The Carnaval Volleyball Tournament we joined was a nice start of Carnaval. But as real runners we can of course not skip the famous Kruikenloop. 22 February several Parcivallers joined the Carnaval race in Tilburg, all dressed  in their nicest … Read more

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Carnaval Volleyball Tournament

Traditionally, the legendary Carnaval Volleybal Tournament takes place on the Thursday before Carnaval. And ofcourse, as Parcival does not want to miss out, we also joined 2020’s edition of CVT! So ready for acing a different sport than running, we … Read more

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NSK Cross – Eindhoven

Parcival on tour: Joined NSK Cross in Eindhoven

February 15 Parcival was present at the Dutch Student Championship Cross in Eindhoven! It was a very nice cross in the forest of the Stratumse Heide, the sun was shining and we … Read more

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New Year’s Dinner

14 January our lovely New Year’s Dinner took place at the Vos and the Craen. We want to thank everyone for joining the New year´s Dinner. We enjoyed some very delicious food and drinks. It was a pleasure catching up … Read more

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Warandeloop 2020

Joined Warandeloop 2020 Businessrun on Sunday 24 November!

With 23 Parcivallers we joined the Warandeloop in several Tilburg University Business Run Teams. This year the Warandeloop returned back in the Warandeforest. The weather was nice with the sun shining, it … Read more

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Results Snertcross 2019

We had a really amazing day today! De 38th Snertcross in the Warandeforest was a succes according to us, with good weather, music for a great atmosphere, and a cup of peas soup after the race.

Thanks everyone for participating! … Read more

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Blauwe Meer Cross

What else to do on a grey Sunday than run a cross? The same thought, 7+1 Parcivallers joined the Blauwe Meer Cross last Sunday (20th October 2019). The race took place at the Experience Island, which is located 7km north … Read more

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