Interval Challenge

In these times of quarantine, many of us have difficulty finding motivation to do intervals. That’s why we present the Quarantine Interval Challenges.

Every other weekend (friday/saturday) we challenge you to do a certain interval, and post your results in the Whatsapp group. After every challenge, a ranking will be published. Remember that participation is always more important than winning with these challenges.

29 May – 5 June

Interval challenge #2: MorningMile

A different kind of challenge this time! You have one week to run “morning miles”. The idea is simple: run a mile in the morning. Do it before noon, and you will receive 4 points. Do it before 9AM, and you will get 5 points. Run an additional mile: add 2 more points. And if you run the morning mile twice on more or less the same speed the same day: 2 additional points as well!

Rules: No more than 2x the morning mile per day. Track your mile with, for example, Strava, and share your runs in the whatsapp group to motivate eachother. Points will be given by the jury. And remember, this one is not about speed, but about discipline. The challenge is to motivate yourself to run each morning. It’s fun and healthy! Good luck! You have from 29 May to 5 June. Note: No points will be given for Morning Miles on Monday and Thursday, to encourage you to come to training instead!

Morning Mile Ranking update 03-06 11:00

Michèlle S. (41 pts)

Benoît H. (38 pts)

Natanop P. (34 pts)

Martijn B. (17pts)

Frauke G. (15pts)

Kira van O. (9pts)

Caro H. (8pts)

Julian van H. (8pts)

Laurens H. (8pts)

Anouk van L. (6pts)

Kees – trainer (4pts)



15-16 May
Interval challenge #1: 3x 1000m
Please record your time in any way, and share your times per 1000 meter with us (through Whatsapp). You can run on 15 or 16 May 2020. Good luck!

Ranking (men)

1. Martijn Bloemberg (3:26/km average)

2. Benoît Hendriks (3:42/km average)

3. Julian van Houte (3:43/km average)

4. Remco Nijs (3:44/km average)

Ranking (women)

1. Tessa van Buuren (4:20/km average)

2. Nathalie Kobus (4:34/km average)

3. Frauke Göbel (4:35/km average)

4. Anouk van Leersum (4:38/km average)

5. Michèlle Sülter (4:44/km average)