During the year T.S.A.V. Parcival organizes fun activities and monthly drinks for the members. Next to that we choose several running competitions to go to together. We hope to see you soon at our activities!
Below you can find the activity yearcalendar of Parcival.

Yearcalendar 2019-2020

September 3rdMonthly Drink
September 24thGeneral Members Meeting
September 29thClubday
October 1stMonthly Drink
October 19thNSK Road in Wageningen
October 20thBlauwe Meer Cross
October 26thSnertcross
November 6thMonthly Drink
November 22ndWarandeloop By Night University Fun Run
November 24thWarandeloop Business Run 5/10km and Recreational 5km
November 28thSaint Nicholas Activity
December 3rdMonthly Drink
December 14thVilla Pardoes Run
January 14thNew Year's Dinner
February 4thMonthly Drink
February 5th-February 19thGotcha!
February 20thCarnaval Volleybal Tournament
February 22ndKruikenloop (Carnaval Run)
March 3rdMonthly Drink
March 15thDrunense Duinenloop
March 18thCycling Dinner
April 7thMonthly Drink
May 1st/2nd/3rdBatavierenrace
May 5thMonthly Drink
May 12thBeermile
May 16thLustrum
June 2ndMonthly Drink
June 26th/27th/28stClubweekend
September 5th/6thTilburg Ten Miles